Muñoz Rodríguez, Edwin

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Documentos de trabajo

Cognitive Costs and Misperceived Incentives: Evidence from the BDM Mechanism (R & R, European Economic Review)
con Daniel Martin
We study the link between misperception of payoff generating rules and play of dominant strategies in the BDM mechanism. Using a rational inattention framework, we show that a decrease in the cost of processing information increases the frequency of play of dominant strategies. In an experimental setting, we study the impact of framing payoffs contingency by-contingency, and find that this frame substantially reduces choice mistakes relative to a standard frame. The treatment effect is comparable to the impact of learning with feedback.

Incentive compatible triaging in deceased-donor transplantation
In the allocation of livers and hearts, the U.S. transplantation authority has faced a pervasive problem of asymmetric information about patients’ medical urgency. At the same time, there is longstanding controversy on the ethical principles for allocating organs. I investigate the optimal design of prioritization rules under different social welfare functions while taking patients’ incentives to misrepresent medical needs into account. Building on the theory of dynamic contracting, I deliver a way of incentivizing truth-telling and offer a novel perspective on the medical ethics debate.

Strategic timing of reports in the U.S. market for livers: empirical evidence and welfare implications (borrador disponible por solicitud)
con Brett Gordon and Nitin Katariya, M.D.
We study the strategic behavior of U.S. transplant centers regarding the timing of reports of medical urgency with the aim of maximizing the probability of a patient getting an organ. We document different aspects of this strategic behavior, estimate their welfare consequences and evaluate policy proposals to address the issue.

Publicaciones en historia económica

”The Role of Santafe in the Trade Systems of Nueva Granada, s. XVIII” con James Torres. Fronteras de la Historia. Revista de historia colonial latinoamericana 18.1 (2013):165-210.

“Structure of Expenditure and Income in the Royal Treasury of Santafe, 1803-1815”. Anuario Colombiano de Historia Social y de la Cultura 37.2 (2010): 45-85.