Sempere Campello, Jaume

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DT-2016-3Sánchez, Pablo y Jaume Sempere. Conflict and the foundations of private property
DT-2016-9 Da-Rocha José María, Raul Prellezol, Jaume Sempere, Luís Taboada Antelo. Fleet dynamics and capital malleability


DT-2017-1Da-Rocha, José María, Raul Prellezo, Jaume Sempere y Luis Taboada Antelo. A dynamic economic equilibrium model for the economic assessment of the fishery stock-rebuilding policies.
DT-2017-2Da-Rocha, José María, Javier García-Cutrín, Raul Prellezo y Jaume Sempere. The social cost of fishery subsidy reforms.